Are you guys ready to #Free yourselves?

Freedom Office Series? Quite a perplexing and dubious terminology to be used by a ‘furniture company”. What comes to your mind when you hear the word freedom? Some might say liberation from anarchy, a chance to relish the fresh-blown air after a long exile, while some may say an escape from problems.

Literal terms may vary but Profine has come out with this series name backed up with some rationale behind it. We want our customers to break the shackles of the unrealistically high-priced brands that give zero or next to zero brand essence. We want our customers to free themselves from uncomfortable office furniture, to get freed from boring designs, from unrealistically high prices of branded furniture, free themselves from the fear of low-quality furniture. Because our Freedom series is comfortable, stylish in reasonable prices, and durable.

After Charter, Smart, Optimus, Dynamic and Phantom, we now bring you our latest line of office furniture. We have designed this line while keeping all modern offices in mind; it will be a fit for every kind of office. This series comes with all the office essentials. A Reception, for a very warm welcome. An Executive Table is a work of art and class made specifically for the boss’ office. Workstations for your workers to team up and bring most out of worktime while feeling at home. These workstations come with or without partitioning and will make collaboration a piece of cake. A Manager Table to give the office a complete look. The waiting areas will also be taken care of with our Centre Coffee Table and Corner Table. The Office Cabinets will be the best thing you buy for your office as it will help you manage the space and keep all your files organized. The Conference Tables come with fitted media sockets to help you run your meetings efficiently. The Pedestal will bring you spacious compartments for your office supplies and locks for added security.

As with all of our lines the quality is always superior. Supreme quality and soft foam cushioning. Sturdy woodwork and imported quality veneer and melamine finishes. But what’s different you may ask. The new thing is we bring you the luxury of customization ad per your needs and desires. Every company has its own theme and a specific corporate color and to accommodate that in our furniture we give you the opportunity to choose from four colors viz, Blue, Black, Green and White. These colors can be added as strips on the furniture to give everything a touch of your company’s theme. The most important benefit of this customization will be that you can make things affordable as per your budget, since we promised that we bring Freedom line for every office. The workstations have a variety of customizations possibilities especially for the partitions. So yes, it is all customizable and affordable!

Choose Freedom today. In the era where space is a big issue, we bring to our customers easy assembling and convenient fixing! It brings you a vast variety of furnishing for your new office or if you are up for renovating your old one. Our furniture will help with your employee well-being and thus their comfort and collaboration will bring revolutionary business ideas and work efficiency. The employees will be more physically comfortable and that will help with the office atmosphere. This all will ultimately will help with the productivity and make your company grow. Meanwhile any clients/visitors you get they will be impressed by the sleek furniture.