A room is so much more than the sum of its parts when it encourages the soul to breathe. Profine has introduced a low-Profile bed with an upholstery headboard that gives the soft feel to have rest on and relax. Compressed wood with high-pressure melamine laminate in veneer feel finish is the competitive advantage of this bed set.

The Luna bedroom furniture set comes with everything you need: headboard, dresser, coffee table, ottoman, the mirror. In the bedroom set now-a-days, it is important to be sure that your dresser and mirror are well paired together because they are basically carbon images of each other with the exception of function and size. Luna has an amazing set where everything complements each other from colour to fabric, from material to the bed height!

Here at Profine we prefer a more eclectic look of furniture. There’s a special magic that happens when we bring together all the pieces that weren’t born together but somehow make a perfect pair. For Luna bedset, we have tried our best to bring the extremely smart furniture for the space and design sensitive customers.