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Are the key attributes to attain the highest degree of excellence!

Bringing change is like walking against the river water. This can be only achieved with Passion persistence and PATIENCE.

Holding a fortune in the family business is always very alluring. Whereas I was keen to dismantle the old outdated culture and replace it with a thoroughly professional and sophisticated one. yet anxious enough to explore the new horizons of craftsmanship embedded in technology to transform the business along modern professional lines. In the initial extreme tense and tough years of struggle, I was able to break the status quo. My determination turned into passion and was enough to keep me motivated to meet the international standard of the industry.

Persistence makes PROFINE able to be recognized amongst top five prestigious furniture brands in Pakistan. This degree of excellence couldn’t be attained without patience.

Company Legacy

The story begins in the 1867s in a city of Uttar Pradesh known as Saharanpur when Ali Hassan, a man of craft started wood carving and manufacturing. It is hard to trace back much about that generation, what they used to like, what they liked to eat etcetera but one thing we know about him is that he made a living out of his hobby and converted that into his passion. After the partition, his son, lntezam Ali, the man of determination, decided to do something extra ordinary. The love for crafting wood transformed into making furniture. 

A wooden a furniture store was built and he started giving furniture on rent. It was very natural of him wanting his next generation to be joining the same line of work as his. And guess what, among twelve, three children did not disappoint him. One of those three, Saleem Mehmood, another man of craft and determination both, kept the lights on and worked unreservedly in the furniture industry than rest.

He altered the structure a little and expanded the horizons from just renting to selling office furniture. The bequest of working in the furniture industry travelled from that generation of 1800s to the generation of 2021 (as we speak) when the command is now in the hands of a man who has the craft, who is determined, persistent and earnestly vigorous.

Brand Journey

The fourth generation of The Ali Hassan Family took the company to higher place. The young and enthusiastic man of the present generation refused to take up the old ways. His determination paved the way for the first step towards establishing the brand we are now. To make it a top-of-mind brand has become a lifelong obsession not only for him but he has transferred this determination into his team as well. He believed that to compete with the world is not what Profine should be doing but the competition is with itself; to become better and better each passing day! 

The unrelenting efforts of Mr. Ali Hassan who doesn’t only share the name of his great-grandfather but also a hundred times more determined are going to pay off. Today, Profine employs a team of enthusiastic people and operates in the furniture industry with a new mission possessing the legacy of 100 years. In keeping with its founder’s ideologies and level-headed leadership of the people who kept it going no matter what the circumstances were, the brand has maintained a remarkably decorous persona. 

Throughout all these years Profine has gone through many struggles. It was not easy to survive for more than 10 decades. Darwin’s theory ‘survival of the fittest’ is equally applicable on brands and the strength lies in the acceptance of change and not giving up on your values at the same time. The descendants of Mr. Ali Hassan did not only accept that with the passage of time but also, they remained knitted to their values.


We have a legacy of four generations since 1867.Profine is a specialized brand offering a complete range of premium yet affordable collections for your everyday home and business needs. We deal in the office, home, kitchens and wardrobes. Our focus has always been on customers’ requirements with a keen interest towards new ideas, innovation and customization at affordable prices.

A Hundred and Fifty Year Legacy

Expertise in Corporate and Home furniture

Quality that Always Exceeds Your Expectations

50,000 Sqft. State-of-the-Art Production Facility

ISO 9001-2015 Certified Quality Management System


Inspire the masses as well as small and medium sized organizations to become the users of branded furniture.


To be the first and only furniture brand chosen for our innovation, customized solutions, durability, customer services, and affordable prices.

  • Customer Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Results Orientation
  • Communication
Quality Policy

Provision of high quality products & services

Achieving excellence in product and services

Total customer satisfaction

System and continuous review of the objective

Provision of high quality products & services

Achieving excellence in product and services

Total customer satisfaction

Reasons to Choose Profine

Promising strength and long lasting finishing stays upto 10 years

100% modular technology, knock down installation, can be shifted easily

Excellent after sales service ensure timely maintenance if required

Innovative and Harmonized Designs

Innovative and Harmonized Designs

High Quality Materials and Trendiest Designs

Production Facility 

Our Production Facility is Equipped with Latest technology, automatic and semiautomatic woodworking machinery, highly qualified 200+ skilled workforce, and approx. 50,000 Sqft covered area. We have an integrated ERP system to manage all the systems.

Our designers think differently and create production efficient & customer focused ideas through deep research. We have high concern in developing skills and knowledge in woodworking to our industry employees whatever your industry, from small to large-sized company, our flexible Production facility strengthens our capability to handle projects efficiently.

  • Board Section
  • Upholstery Section
  • Metal and Welding Section
  • Powder Coating Section
  • Wood Working Section
  • Polish & Paint Section
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