With 2021 coming to and end it is important to shed some light over the highlighted achievements that were made by Profine along with the ever-changing trends of 2021. It has been an unpredictable year with the trends coming out equally unique. The year has altered the consumer behavior thus changing the way people communicate and consume media. Thus, due to this slew, following are the highlighted trends of this year and the best part is that Profine had acclimatized itself with them. Let’s see how:

Smart Things

The year 2021 has been a year of promoting of smart things be it body or furniture. Profine has catered to this trend with all its furniture items both in home and office series. The ultimate focus of Profine’s furniture is to fill in the smart spaces with elegance, class and longevity. It had launched its Freedom office series that claims to be smart and a fit to the modern needs.


The focus of 2021 was to promote and create career opportunities. Since most of the people had lost their jobs owing to the pandemic problems of COVID-19. Here Profine took an initiative of providing career opportunities to a lot of skilled and eligible candidates. There had been a massive induction of women workforce inside the company which shows how much Profine cares about the career and growth opportunities for the people!


The nuptial season is the focus of every year but this year there has been a remarkable keen interest shown by the general public towards marriage. Sounds funny but yes people want to get married as early as possible with complete shenanigans so that another layer of COVID-19 does not strike them! Profine has got along with the wedding season with pretty much accuracy. It has put up its “Wedding Season ki Suhani Sale” which is still live and proved itself to be a perfect fit to cater with the furniture needs with its jam-packed packages!


Another trend of 2021 was to focus on fitness since staying at home during the pandemic days had resulted in too much of the extra calories. Profine with its CEO being the example for the entire company took the initiative of being fit and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Producing quality work only comes with a healthy mind and body. So, Profine had catered with this trend smoothly and easily.

Training and Development

Learning to outshine the training program was welcomed by all of Profine’s employees. It was a great initiative taken by the management of which the sole purpose was to disperse product knowledge to the employees. So that our employees should be earnest enough towards learning new horizons of knowledge! Every week a new product was brought onto the table and its detailing, discussion, manufacturing, cost, specifications etc. everything was highlighted.