Home is where your heart is, big or small; your space is your safe haven, there are many ways to decorate your personal space but we are to make it easy for you.

With the rapid changing in the world, living spaces are getting compact and concise. Not only for working setups but even for residential aspects, small apartments and compact spaces are getting a lot of attraction. All you need to do is to make best of the place and for that Profine have you covered.

Always start with symmetry, analysis and think about the function of the things that being placed in the bedroom. There must be some space in the room to move around after the placement of furniture so that should be considered. If any item is rarely used there is no need to place it in the bed room.

The Placement of Furniture is everything in the setting of the room. The bed should be placed under the window, a bedside table on each side with just enough space with open cupboard on the opposite wall. The Cupboard with no doors and chest of drawers at the base of cupboard, it will keep storage in spaces and since there are no doors involved, movement should not be restricted.

In this kind of placement, bed is accessible from every side for the changing of sheets or so.  This type of symmetry will also make the bedroom feel wider. To make it happen, size the floor and focus should be on side table’s length than width.

To organize a compact bed room it is necessary to have Floating Shelves, they don’t take any floor space and provide ample storage for necessity articles. You do not have to scramble through the room to find any item that you use in daily routine just by keeping it in plain eye sight. The placement of floating shelves can replace the need of side tables and dresser. They will fulfill the purpose of storage and give your space some airy look as well, this way you can elevate your storage.

Sticking to One Color Palette is best way to keep it open; the lighter color will bring the best of your room. Light is another factor that can greatly enhance the look and feel of your small living space. Do not turn off your light sources. Shaded, shaded rooms look smaller. It can also look like a cave and dense. Use sheer instead of heavy drapes on your windows, and let light in as much as possible.

As with darker colors, it might give you a very confined feel with all the furniture and items. If you love bright colors, indulge yourself with the accessories. When it comes to the basics, neutrals rule in small spaces. The décor and setup should make it frankly quite cozy. The pop of color can be added by adding some multicolor cushions on bed or sitting chair

Bring brightness in to your place by Adding Some Mirrors it will reflect the incoming light and make your room filled with more of natural environment. Wall-mounted mirrors can be used to enlarge your space but it is to make sure the mirrors don’t reflect each other, or else you’ll end up with a never-ending reflection tunnel.

The great trick is to use mirror in small groups, it will be easy on budget and you can play around with it on the wall regarding placements. This one does the task in fashion, its function keeping the effect subtle and the antiqued floor looking stylish.

In the setting of compact spaces, the actual challenge arises when the need to store items, there is no need to be abashed from the Use of Unusual Spaces.  The travelling bags and other articles that are used less but are essential can be stored under the bed. With the right placement and length of bed sheet, it would not appear in the sight. Things will be tucked at the safe space.

Further the window sills can be used for keeping plants, décor and lamps. Since the space is compact it requires smart storage solutions. In this small space, it can be used the lounge area in a solid corner to look for cabinets built into the bespoke. Utilizing usable space in a hidden storage area helps prevent clutter from entering the already limited space. The aim is to keep as much off the floor to create a sense of space.

After trying something new in terms of placements, you will begin to see energy in your small space and think of it as. Over the time you will appreciate your own personal space and you can experiment with it and make it more homely.