The drawing room is the place that is of utmost importance and observed in any house. From catering guests to celebrating your happenings, your drawing room has seen it all. A drawing room is more than just a room, it depicts your choice and your aesthetic sense, it speaks on your behalf.

One of the most challenging aspects of designing the drawing-room is choosing the right center table for the room.

There are many options out there that can fulfill the purpose of the center table but in the drawing-room, the role of the center table is more than to just fill the space or need.

Any drawing room is unimaginable without the presence of a center table.

The perfect center table always demonstrates the welcoming setting of our home.


The size of the center table is usually propositional to the seating of the room. The setting and seating of the drawing-room are done according to the room size and since one of the most crucial purchasing could be the center table,  it needs to be perfect and the center of attention.

The sizing is also important so it can cater to the guests and they don’t have to feel bothered while using it, the height of the center table should not be lowered more than 2” to the couch seating.

It should be of the size that leaves space around itself to move around and provide enough leg space for the users.


With this specification, you can acknowledge the fact that it fulfills the purpose of the center table and is ample for serving the guests.

The shape of your sofa is a great hint of how your central table should be shaped. A rectangular sofa or L-shaped lounge area requires rectangular tables so that items placed on it, such as food. The items are accessible to people sitting on sofa ends.

Similarly, small sofas with square seating can work with a square or round table on a solid surface.

In the small space, you can choose a table that comes with a low deck or storage cabinets. Release anything from text, magazines, and game boards to coasters, napkins, and remote control.


It is very important to choose the center table in durable material. There are many options available to choose from. Wood is a common choice of material for center tables because of its durability and classic appearance. Aside from this, marble, tempered glass, fiberboard, metal frames, and acrylic are also great material options.

The material you should look in accordance with sofas and setting, with classic sofas, a classic old school center table would be the best option.

Stackable tables are also getting trendy these days. The mobility and ability to be stacked after the use is making it famous as it fulfils the purpose without consuming much of space in room.


The styling of center table will always be depending on the sofas along which it is placed. Sofas and center table need to compliment each other, the utmost different center table may able to turn  heads but for a long run, it will start looking odd.

A traditional living room can pull off a classic, elegant wooden centerpiece with ease while edgy, geometric tables, belong in contemporary spaces.

For the top of your center table, Glass, Laminates, Wooden, Marble, Lucite and Acrylic are good options.

In dry areas, the glass tops are usually popular as it is easy to clean and maintain.


The center table needs to be functional, in case of having a compact and concise drawing room, it would be really helpful to have drawers in the center table or it has a lower deck, through this, it can be used for storage as well.

It can not only entertain the visitors but also hold the essential goods needed for drawing room.

The center table can make a big impact, no matter how small. Choose your furniture, size, and style wisely, and not only will you present the most functional kit in your room, you will also be adding a nice focal point that will cover your entire room well.