Seating and working throughout the day might get really tiresome, especially when your chair is not comfortable or provide the accurate support.

Working on uncomfortable chair can make your day really disquieting. Chair can be of many types and the comfort level may vary from user to user. Profine offers a versatile range of chairs to accommodate

  • Cross Meshed Back Chair: The chairs with mesh back are the most reliable source of ultimate comfort and ease, the breathable mesh on the back of the chair make sure that your seating does not get stuffy and in an ever changing climate of our region, it is simply a blessing. It is supportive on all the required and right places. Crossed back support makes long working on chair fortifying.
  • Fish Bone Back Support: With the cushion padded back and look of fish bone, this chair grips the back to convenience. The supportive back moves along with the user’s movement and brings comfort and style packed into one. The High back chair provides support from back till shoulder. With versatile design, it can be used anywhere in seating.
  • Widened Seat: This kind of chair comes with mesh back along with PU shell to protect and encourage the natural mobility. It supports the way of your seating and let you get the best of the work. Your work day gets relaxed and amplified when you are seated comfortably.
  • Leatherette Options: With executive looking high back chair with padded foam and Upholsted arm rest, these chairs make luxury effortless. Adjustable height and mechanism will make the working on desk easier and in access. The Cushioned back dots your back and provides the required ease.

With all these options, you can choose the best for yourself. We won’t promise that your work will get easier but you will be well supported, that can be promised.