No matter how much quality furniture is bought from your home or office, it can be said that they are never immune to the dust and require cleaning and maintenance.

It can never be judged that home furniture is easy to maintain than office furniture as both have their own challenges. Through the hectic and occupied routine of everyday, the thorough cleaning cannot be done every single day and the need of occasional thorough cleaning is raised. Regular cleaning can emit the dust; dirt and rust like issues but it cannot get your furniture rid of the foul odors and give them the sanitation that is needed.

To maintain your furniture’s look for a long run, keep furniture out of direct sunlight. The office or home furniture is always sensitive to sun light, the constant flow of sun light effects the surface of furniture, no matter if its wooden or lamination of any sort. It might end up in discoloring and lead to other factors.
Avoid placing furniture in front of or under windows. Since it is the source of ventilation and exchange indoor and outdoor air without wasting energy, it can also be the bearer of dust, rain, etc. Not only heat but also rain affects your furniture immensely. It will leave rain marks and stains; the discoloration is caused by moisture, and direct sun light. In addition to being affected by temperature and humidity, light is also a factor affecting wood furniture discoloration and aging. With the warm water, detergent and vinegar, furniture can be cleaned into new condition.

Place furniture away from heating and air conditioning vents. Placement of furniture in a room can redirect heated or cooled air in ways that enhance or detract from comfort. Locating furniture too close to air vents also makes a difference. Large furniture situated within 18 inches of supply air vent decreases airflow and can affect temperature consistency.

To maintain longer life of furniture, use coasters, placemats and tablecloths to protect furniture during use. The placement of dishware and hot cups might leave a mark at surface for future, it is cleanable but on the wooden furniture it might leave longer effect.

Lift and place items instead of sliding across furniture surfaces. It not only loosens the fitting of furniture but also marks the floor as well. It would not be easy to deal with floor marks.

Rotate accessories on your furniture periodically. Any article that is sitting on a place for a longer time tends to mark the place with its base, by changing them occasionally, it can be avoided.

Avoid prolonged use of plastic and rubber items on your furniture. These articles get affected by heat and over the time they stick to the surface and cause issues while cleaning.

To maintain your furniture, dust your furniture regularly and polish every 4- 6 months. For in depth cleaning, the mixture of dish detergent, vinegar and water can be very useful. The best way to clean and disinfect polyurethane upholstery is to use a solution of bleach and clean water.